Saturday, 7 March 2009

A request

We’ve left Georgetown behind, with its internet cafe, fantastic (!) postal service, phone lines and constant comings and goings of visitors.

In a few days time, we move to Aishalton, our new home. There is no electricity, so internet access will depend on solar panels, satellites, weather and whose need is greater than mine. Recharging the laptop ditto. Updating the blog will take planning and luck. I’m just beginning to feel rather isolated!

So if you enjoy reading these spasmodic and eclectic wibbles, please sign up as a follower (same goes for B’s photo blog: It will be so good to feel befriended and accompanied, and to know who I’m talking to!
Thanks. x


  1. I love you blog and you know I'm stalking you so I'll always be here :)
    love you!
    Fab 2

  2. You may think you have left us all behind but you are being followed, there is no escape!!!!! Keep blogging, between you and B there must be a book in this by the time you are done. Take care.