Saturday, 27 June 2009

"Guns don't kill people; people kill people"

I think this is a slogan for the pro-gun lobby. I was extremely amused to have it quoted at me in 'persuasive writing' class, in the following memorable ditty:

"Gon don't kil people
People kil people
It just skeard people
For a time
Gon is just for style"

What a testament to testosterone! Romario got his best mark ever for this one, which flanked an excellent line drawing of a handgun.

People here are not used to advertising. This has the Janus effect: they are extremely gullible, but believe themselves immune. They are an advertiser's dream. But the best part of the class was that people here do not use blandishments. Say it how it is. "Colgate- it cleans your teeth". "Pens- useful for writing with". And this, the best of them all. "Have a gun, tell people it's not irresponsible, scare them into submission, and best of all, be REALLY, REALLY COOL". The trickle effect of peer advertising here in the 21st century Wild West.

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  1. great story!
    There is a really funny Dudley Moor film where he is put in charge of advertising and causes a commotion by coming up with a slogan for volvo which goes something like 'Volvos - the're boxy, not sexy'This reminded me of it!